With its headquarter in Europe, Germany BAIER Hydraulic Power Corporation sets up subsidiaries in many European countries and China. Relying on exquisite process and advanced technology derived from energy, biological technology and so on, the Corporation has been addressing itself to development and generalization of professional hydraulic tool that is one strong high-tech branch business in past more than thirty years.BAIER Hydraulic Power (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. is the only partner of Germany BAIER Corporation in China market, and undertakes sale and repair services in China market. Since its settlement in China market, BAIER has rapidly established the large client group, and products are extensively utilized for such industries as petroleum, chemical, electric power, ...


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How to use hydraulic tools correctly:

First need to choose the right jack
Step one, choose the jack that is most suitable for working conditions.
Step 2, select the hydraulic pump that is most suitable for the selected jack and working conditions.
Step three, select the required hydraulic accessories

Advantage Introduction


BAIER product quality is implemented in three guarantees, with a quality guarantee period of 12 months and lifetime service.
Enjoy the full range of professional, pre-sale, after-sales and after-sales services of BAIER professional engineers.
BAIER after-sales service will reply within 2 hours after receiving the user's fault notice; arrive at the user's site within 48 hours;






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