RTA Series--Drive Hydraulic Wrench
RTA Series--Drive Hydraulic Wrench

.Integrated body, made of Al-Ti alloy, an ultra-high strength light metal for the aeronautical materialcomprehensively strengthening the body strength and toughness

.The trigger latch is easy to press so you can position the 360°fine tuning counter acting force arm on the solid pivot point as you like

·360°x 180°rotatable oil pipe fitting,without space limitation,allowing free operation

.Precision ratchet, precision up to ±3% Anti-corrosion surface treatment

·A special non-return detent and a pressure release trigger to

overcome tool reversion caused by the bolt rotating back,improving efficiency and ensuring high precision torque setting

·A special humanized light weight handle, safer and more convenient to use

.Laser engraved pressure-torque comparison table on the cover plate

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RTA Series--Drive Hydraulic Wrench

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