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Address: Metallurgical Avenue Qingshan District, Hubei Province, Torch Building 5F, No. 54

Phone:027-8656 3216





    With its headquarter in China, Baier Hydraulic Power (Wuhan) Co., Ltd has been dedicated to the research of industrial equipment and practical power technology. Driven by technological innovation, we have accelerated industrial development and assisted in industrial upgrading. Focusing on the research and promotion of large-scale bolt and nut fastening, disassembly and assembly technology, and practical power, we are committed to promoting the leapfrog improvement of industrial equipment and practical power in China and even the world.


Baier produces multiple series of products, including hydraulic torque wrenches, electric torque wrenches, pneumatic torque wrenches, nut cutters, hydraulic tensioners, hydraulic pullers, hydraulic Jacks, flange special tools, hydraulic pump stations, etc., committed to creating high-quality and high return intelligent solutions for global customers.


Over the past decade, Baier's exploration has never stopped and has gradually achieved leap-forward development in fields such as petrochemicals, electricity, metallurgy, ships, cement, bridges, railways and subways, new energy, paper making, marine engineering equipment manufacturing, and construction engineering. By leveraging its advantages in equipment, technology, platform, and talent, Baier has collaborated with upstream and downstream industries to create a win-win industrial ecosystem and work together to create value.