BRAC-S Series Plug-in Electric Torque
BRAC-S Series Plug-in Electric Torque

.The machine solves the spark problem of the brush motor from the principle, and can operate efficiently and stably extending the service life of the carbon brush to a greater extent

.Stable torque output, not easily affected by voltage fluctuations and

Digital control long distance cable, suitable for construction site applications 

·Precision +5%,repeatability ±2%

.Continuous rotation without impactautomatic stop when the preset

toraue value is reacned. much more efficient thanintermittenth driven hydraulic wrenches

·Three operating modes: torque modetorque+ rotation angle mode and fast mode

·Use of multi-stage gearbox.High reliabilityhigh stability

Standard counter acting force arm as the standard confiqurationcustom counter acting force arms available

220V 50Hz AC power, no need for an external pumping station and pipes

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BRAC-S Series Plug-in Electric Torque

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