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2015 - 12 - 21
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Bayer hydraulic wrench to tighten the process is as follows: Assuming do install the device has eight fastening screws, and then after all the basic parts assembled, hydraulic quick coupling wrench in...
2015 - 12 - 21
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Special equipment emergency measures A splitter valve under the root valve flange washout accident rescue measures 1.1 1.1.1 Close the valve and stop the total import and export splitter valve, cut of...
2015 - 12 - 21
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Hydraulic tensioners working principle is to use a hydraulic cylinder is directly applied force to the bolt, the bolt force is applied in its elastic deformation zone is elongated bolt diameter micro-...
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产品名称: Quick Connector · AGE-series
  • Quick Connector · AGE-series Quick Connector · AGE-series
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 ◆ high voltage plane (flush-face) connector ◆ Features of the "push / then" Operation ◆ suitable for medium load applications
BAIER provides quick connectors contain plastic or metal protective cap, making hydraulic parts from corrosion in harsh environments



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