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2015 - 12 - 21
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Bayer hydraulic wrench to tighten the process is as follows: Assuming do install the device has eight fastening screws, and then after all the basic parts assembled, hydraulic quick coupling wrench in...
2015 - 12 - 21
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Special equipment emergency measures A splitter valve under the root valve flange washout accident rescue measures 1.1 1.1.1 Close the valve and stop the total import and export splitter valve, cut of...
2015 - 12 - 21
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Hydraulic tensioners working principle is to use a hydraulic cylinder is directly applied force to the bolt, the bolt force is applied in its elastic deformation zone is elongated bolt diameter micro-...
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产品名称: Rama dedicated hubs
  • Rama dedicated hubs Rama dedicated hubs
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◆ BAIER hubs between Rama adapter is designed for fan hubs, bushings and other parts and Rama provides a simple way to securely connect and design, this design makes a lot of industrial equipment on the hub, and shaft sleeve other parts canbe easily removed.
◆ hubs Rama adapter's unique design allows manual locking Self BAIER not imagine can be easily removed before the Rama things, the election turn screws on the adapter with the adapter hubs, bushings and other parts into a whole, then adjustRama Rama T-shaped handle to tighten, so grandma caught Rama claw positioning adapter slot, turn Lama Si rod, you can easily dismantle the hub, bushings.


Kit Model: HP-1
An HP-30 (Rama hubs adapters, φ38.1mm)
An HP-40 (Rama hubs adapters, φ50.8mm)
An HP-70 (screw extend pc)
Weight: 1.8kg

Kit Model: HP-2
A 5-ton self-locking manual self-centering Rama, the largest sheets from 127mm
An HP-30 (Rama hubs adapters, φ38.1mm)
An HP-40 (Rama hubs adapters, φ50.8mm)
An HP-70 (screw extend pc)
Weight: 4.1kg

Model: HP-50
Applicable to the hub diameter :50.8-76 .2 mm


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